Chains and Wounds: Poetry

Mr. Tabish's recent collection of poetry, "Human is Not a Bird"

From now on, I will frequently translate little bits of Pashto and Dari poetry and share through this blog.

Here is for a start: a section of a Ghazal by Qanbar Ali Tabish. Mr. Tabish was born in Ghazni about 40 years ago. Currently, he lives in Qum, Iran, where he is the editor of a magazine called “Fajr e Omid.” Mr. Tabish has published several collections of poems in Iran.

For the full poem in Dari click here

وطنم دوباره اينک تو و شانه های پامير
بتکان ستاره ها را که سحر شود فراگير
بتکان ستاره ها را که ستاره های اين شهر
همه يادگار زخمند همه يادگار زنجير

Pamir, with its twists and bends, is my homeland once again.
But shake down these stars so dawn can takeover
Shake them down, for the stars of this town
are nothing but reminders of chains and wounds.


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