Human Costs. That is is what I am mainly concerned with.

The innocence that a society loses in war is a subject devastatingly rich that one could write about every day. As for the monetary cost? I am interested. But honestly, never been a big fan of numbers.


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  • Ulric Rainard

    So as for my comment. As it were. I am a long time blogger on the net, but, as it is a very unprofessional finish_ I can rightly say_You may not be impressed by my credentials , but I will reward you with my honest opinion.
    I would not be writing back if I didn’t think it counted.
    What you are doing is very important. My life and my blogging are not the knot of this exchange. I believe you are a conduit for certain serious observation.

    As for my own connection to the war and to you and your set of briefs and also to the greater whole. I am in a place connected. You have begun a moment _which I think will resonate. I don’t even remember, who you are.
    This is as an earthquake _quite sudden and I circumscribe my evidence
    by the fact that I was moved by my heart and soul to proceed to identify
    with what you are doing .

    Mostly my host hopes that your presence and your presentation reveal
    the depth and verity of the pain of this crushing evidence. What occurs
    here is certain to gain attention and you are most courageous to
    call attention to the powers that again…will wake to another day without acknowledging what they continue to get wrong.

    When there comes an answer_ It will come from a complete unraveling
    of the lies within the inculcated history of this war and every war.
    For our own good we must concern ourselves with what we have created,
    so that we might undo and repair this devastation. In honest terms_Revelation
    For the lives we have wronged.

    I am in evidence writing off the top of the moment and I don’t expect as report
    For you to say _I understand. I am just moved to make this one request .
    Endure&proceed and be the best that you are.
    You have my heart to stand by yours _By this staid request. Let us fix this world before _nothing is left. Ulric in Seattle

  • Kepler

    The biggest and most pressing issue for the United States in Afghanistan is accountability – our collective unwillingness to hold ourselves and the Afghans accountable for the ideals, resources and actions that drive that conflict. As your other commented above states, we will “wake to another day without acknowledging what they {we} continue to get wrong.”

    Your blog helps highlight all the insane things the U.S. and its partners do to fight a war that no longer makes any sense and to convince us of (or distract us from) their own alternate version of reality. As Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results.”

    I talk about this too from a veteran’s perspective on http://insanistan.wordpress.com/about/. I would like to help raise the voice and influence of common sense and compassion when it comes to the war in Afghanistan.

    Thanks for writing.

  • Joshua Novak

    My regards and I thank you for your coverage on Shaheed Masoud, it is important that he and other Afghan Heroes are remembered for intellectual underpinings which now are engraved in the New Afghan State. It was through their efforts against the entire strength of the Soviet Union that present state exists despite the best efforts of Pakistan and the Taliban.

    I would love to see more on Abdul Haq and Haji Quadeer, two brothers whose name is still honored in all Pashtun areas.

    It is important to distinguish between supposed warlords such as Fahim and Dostum and some of the real idealistic leaders than established the Mujahedeen philosophy that led to the most unlikely triumph of an independence force over a great power in recent history..

    Thanks again….keep up the interesting articles…

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